February 20th, 2015 – Isla Los Islotes – Mexico

Our last day at sea and we experienced our second anchors aweigh at 4:00 am.  Very noisy on a small ship, but slept through it better this time.  This was necessary to get to Isla Los Islotes early to do our last adventure (they saved the best for last).  Isla Los Isoltes is a small craggy island that just juts out of the Sea of Cortez.  Many birds make it their home –  you can see the “baja snow” (bird poop) in the second picture.

It was the highlight of Leslie’s trip (which is saying a lot given how outstanding the trip was).  She got to snorkel with California sea lions (look how happy she was when she got back).  They come to this rock to give birth and the pups are very curious about the snorkelers.  She was in the first group and braved the 62 degree water with a matching air temperature and the warning that the pups explore with their mouths and sometimes nip.   Well worth it.  The pups swam all around her, right up to her face and then they would zoom right past her (and none of them nipped her).  The 4th picture shows some juveniles (last year’s pups) that were warming themselves by sticking their flippers out of the water (even they were cold).   There were also amazing fish (explains the presence of the sea lions ) and she got an added bonus — a pelican came diving out of the sky to get a fish right in front of her.  Totally different viewpoint when your face is at the surface of the water.

Don took the photo skiff out and unfortunately, after a good record, forgot his dramamine and was very sick the entire time.  Leslie knew it was bad when he came off the boat, shoved the camera at her and went running to the room.  Ever the tough one though, he still managed to get some good pictures.

In the afternoon we were cruising looking for wildlife, and as if they paid the whales – two humpback whales put on a show for 25 minutes – breaching and flapping their flippers.   Don was talking with the professional photographer (he was holding an advice session on your pictures), so Leslie picked up the camera and managed to catch one of the breaches in a sequence of photos (so we had to put them all in the blog because she was so proud of herself).

All in all, this was one of the best trips we have ever done.  We sailed with Un-Cruise and we highly recommend it.

IMG_1709  IMG_1985

IMG_1880  IMG_1938 - Copy

IMG_1909  IMG_1975 - Copy

IMG_1945 - Copy  IMG_1923

IMG_1928  IMG_2029

IMG_2030  IMG_2031

IMG_2032  IMG_2035

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One thought on “February 20th, 2015 – Isla Los Islotes – Mexico

  1. Judy

    Knowing how much Leslie has a heart for animals I can see why none of the pups nipped at her. I’ve always heard animals just know…. like they know my Don is afraid of them :). What a wonderful life time memory for both of you. Sorry about the sea sickness Don…. I well know that feeling as I have had it many times. Have had it and ‘coach mountain’ sickness spoil some of my trips as well. Can’t wait to see what you are going to show us next. Take care and have fun.

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