March 11th – 17th – Brandon, Ashlee and Cash visit

Our son Brandon, his wife Ashlee and our grandson Cash came to see us.  We had a great time.  We had forgotten how busy an almost two-year old can keep you, so we slept well every night they were here.  Leslie and Ashlee went to the Renaissance Festival and left the boys home.  The first picture shows you what they did – they took Cash to a brewery (actually 2) for a beer tasting.  While Don and Brandon went camping, Leslie and Ashlee took Cash to the children’s museum.  Just saying.


Brandon and Cash at San Tan's 2   IMG_2342

IMG_2303   IMG_4781 IMG_2362  IMG_4676

IMG_2322  IMG_2331

IMG_2384  IMG_2377

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One thought on “March 11th – 17th – Brandon, Ashlee and Cash visit

  1. Bonnie Dogan

    Wow! what a handsome grandson. Very beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Cash is worth all the money in the world.

    My latest grandson is turning 6 months on the 9th of April. They grow up sooooooooooooo fast.

    Enjoy and always good to here from you.

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