March 25th – 27th, 2015 – Spring Training – Phoenix, AZ

We went to Phoenix to see some Spring Training games and camped in the Superstition mountains (second picture).  We went to two away games, so we got to see more Indian “wannabes” than the players that will be playing during the season.   We did get to see last year’s Cy Young award winner (Indians pitcher Kluber) pitch, so that was good.  We also got to take a long walk in the mountains.  There were yellow flowers everywhere.  Quite beautiful.

The picture of Leslie with the food truck is because this food truck was on Shark Tank (and got one of the sharks to support them).  It also has been on multiple Food Network shows, Today, etc.  Lobster at a ball game you say?  Yes sir.  It was very good and worked out well for us since we were there on a Friday during Lent which meant we could not eat most of what was for sale in the park.

The first picture is not from Spring Training.  We made our annual visit to Rillito Park to see the quarter horse races.  Leslie was on a roll.  She picked 7 of the 9 winners (based on how they looked).  Unfortunately, betting two dollars a race does not net huge wins, but we still came out ahead for the day.

The last picture shows an octopus agave in our yard.   Two weeks ago, that stalk was as tall as the cactus, now it is taller than the house.   These plants have to be at least 10 years old to do this.  It is going to have beautiful yellow flowers, drop its seed and then it will die.   It is kind of sad, but it is beautiful and we are enjoying it while we can.

IMG_2441  IMG_2334

IMG_2352  IMG_2475

IMG_2531  IMG_2457

IMG_2458  IMG_2549

IMG_2536  IMG_2450



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One thought on “March 25th – 27th, 2015 – Spring Training – Phoenix, AZ


    Beautiful scenery !!!!  Lobster at spring training?>@#@  Now that is living.  Send pictures of the cactus in bloom———-stay safe and happy

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