April 18th & 19th, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

Well we have finally started our European Journey, and our first stop was to visit our Amanda and Christopher in Philadelphia.  As usual we very much enjoyed walking right out of their apartment to church, restaurants, shopping, theater, in other words everything.   On Saturday we walked over 10 miles, and on Sunday another 7 miles.   In picture five you can see that Turkish did not take as many steps as we did.   The second picture is where Christopher goes to Med School and the third picture is the site of next weeks’ Penn Relays.  Following Turkish is Independence Hall.  If you are visiting Philadelphia try Amada’s for tapas, very good.

IMG_0059  IMG_0077

IMG_0083  IMG_0071

IMG_0087  IMG_0093

IMG_0101  IMG_0091

IMG_0107  IMG_0110

IMG_0113  IMG_0103

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2 thoughts on “April 18th & 19th, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

  1. Judy

    I can almost see the two of you moving to a city where you can just walk out the door to shopping and food. It sounds exciting and I love seeing the buildings etc. in Philadelphia. Christopher and Amanda look so good. We haven’t been sightseeing there but have been through there a couple of times. Not sure what tapa is but tried googling it…. sounds like it is a form of appetizer?? Wishing you a fantastic time on your travels and can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Bonnie Dogan

    Thanks for sharing, You and Don look great – retirement life is good for you all and I enjoy the pictures and tell my friend (son) hello he went to selling tires and forgot the rest of us. Tell him Hello.

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