May 3rd – 6th, 2015 – Venice – Italy

Today the pictures are scenes from our walks around Venice.  The first one shows some school teachers trying to herd some children over a bridge – not a job that we would want.  When you average out the number of tourists on a daily basis, there are about 5,000 more tourists than people every day in Venice (only about 55,000 live there).   The second picture shows the official bird of Venice – the pigeon.  Not really, but oh my gosh they are everywhere and very aggressive.

The third picture shows an old church that has been turned into a public hospital.  Very nice exterior for a hospital.  Venice is very kind to its tourists in that it has signs on the buildings to tell you where you are going.  You are either going toward the Rialto Bridge (middle) or Piazza San Marco (the southern end and the one you see a lot in pictures) or you are going toward Piazzole Roma or Alla Ferrovia (the northern end).  This is all well and good until you go east from San Marco and end up in a residential area that has no tourist signs.  Then you wander for a while (read about an hour) until you finally find someone to ask directions, which you do not understand because they do not speak English.  Needless to say we found our way back, but it was dicey for a little bit.

When you are walking you go by all kind of stores that have very colorful displays.  We had to play cat and mouse with the owners because most of them did not like you taking pictures.  We also went to the market and found some interesting seafood – whole octopus, whole squid (6th picture) and scallops still in their shells (7th picture).

The 10th picture shows the symbol of Venice, the lion of St. Mark, which Leslie immediately fell in love with.  We have many, many pictures of it.  The 12th and 13th pictures are from the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.  The building was built in 1515 and dedicated to San Rocco the protector from the plague for Venice.   In 1564, the painter Tintoretto was commissioned to provide paintings for the Scuola, and his most renowned works are here. All the works in the building are by him, or his assistants, including his son Domencio and they were executed between 1564 and 1587.

The other pictures are from some churches that we went into while we were walking.  To be honest with you, we do not remember the names.  We are really going to have to start writing some of this stuff down.


IMG_1742  IMG_1763

IMG_1930  IMG_2099

IMG_1979  IMG_1973

IMG_1968  IMG_2229

IMG_2021  IMG_2006

IMG_2026  IMG_2065

IMG_2086  IMG_1987

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One thought on “May 3rd – 6th, 2015 – Venice – Italy

  1. Judy

    All of this is so interesting. I love seeing the fresh seafood especially the scallops as that is what I like best. And how many ties did you buy Don?? Bet Leslie bought a few hand bags too. Don’t you so dislike it when they don’t want you taking pictures?

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