May 10th, 2015 – Stockhorn – Switzerland

We deviated from our travel plan based on the beautiful weather and a recommendation from the owner of the B and B.  We visited Stockhorn a mountain in the Bernese Alps that is 7,190 ft high.  We rode two cable cars to get to the top.  The views were wonderful.   They had a platform that had a see-through floor.  Leslie was not real thrilled about that.  Luckily Don was brave enough to walk out there and get some pictures.  We had lunch at the top of the mountain and decided that we would walk to the mid-point instead of taking the cable car back.  The brochure said an hour and 40 minutes – how hard could that be?  It was a beautiful walk (albeit all down hill with lots of loose rocks and some parts with snow.)  We made it in the time the brochure said which is pretty good considering we stopped to take pictures.  We were proud of ourselves.

IMG_2679  IMG_2581

IMG_2622  IMG_2668

IMG_2653  IMG_2663

IMG_2612  IMG_2598

IMG_2617  IMG_2659

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One thought on “May 10th, 2015 – Stockhorn – Switzerland

  1. Judy

    What beautiful scenes. It’s wonderful to see and hear that you have had such an awesome trip. You are blessed beyond measure to have seen and done all that you have done. And thank you so very much for letting us go along via blog with you. Send us a note when you are back home to let us know that the ‘cowboy’ did not get put away over there in some far away countryside. Take care.

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