May 7th, 2015 – Bulle – Switzerland

Today we were very brave – traveling on our own from Venice, Italy to Bulle, Switzerland.  We started the day at the train station in Venice.  Three hours later we were in Milan.  We had to race to catch a shuttle to the airport.  A 30 minute ride took an hour due to traffic (good thing Don had his Dramamine).  We then picked up our rental car which was supposed to be a Fiat 500, but ended up being a pretty big Peugot.  We are grateful for the space for our luggage, but we feel like we are driving a tank as compared to the other cars here.

Then it was a 4 hour drive to Bulle.  We went through numerous large tunnels (they do a good job with taking you through the mountains instead of over them).  We were almost to Switzerland when we were pulled over by the Caribineri.  We felt like they were profiling since we were the only ones pulled over.  When Don handed him his Arizona driver’s license he said “Oh a cowboy.”  After taking our passports and going to the car, we spent 10 minutes staring at the Uzi the man next to our car was holding.  Anyway, we must have passed since they let us go.  They did get in their car and follow us for a while.  We are not sure what that was all about.

Anyway, we made it to Bulle which is in the French cultural part of Switzerland.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner of crepes and a nice walk around the town.

IMG_2231  IMG_2241

IMG_2263  IMG_2261

IMG_2260  IMG_2258

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2 thoughts on “May 7th, 2015 – Bulle – Switzerland

  1. Steve

    I think they were looking for a contribution to the Policemen”s Ball!

  2. Judy

    Very interesting…… so now he is ‘cowboy Don’…. Hee hee! I take it that you are no longer with the Tour Director and group and perhaps nearing the end of the trip?? Weren’t you going to spend some time with family in Germany? You must be there now……

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