May 9th, 2015 – Fribourg & Thun – Switzerland

We are having a language crisis.  It took days to remember to sat “Grazia” and “Prego” (“Thank you” and “You’re welcome”) while we were in Italy.  We had that down and then we drove to the French part of Switzerland.  We had to make a quick change to “Merci” and “De Rien” (which in all honesty “Grazia” was still coming out most of the time out of a new habit).  We were doing better on the French words and then we go to Fribourg which is half French and half German and we did not know what to say.  Thank goodness we ended the day in the German part of Switzerland so we can focus on one language.

Fribourg is located on both sides of the river Saane/Sarine on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland.  Its Old City is one of the best maintained in Switzerland and sits on a small rocky hill above the valley of the Sarine.  The first 10 pictures are from there.  It is very interesting to tour the medieval parts of the town, but it is also interesting to absorb the culture.  They were having a public market and we took some time to walk through.  The 6th picture shows something that smelled wonderful.  It was a big ham, with sausages roasting so that the fat from the sausage ran down over the ham.  We did not try it, but we bet it was good.  We went to the Fribourg Cathedral (center of the first picture).  Leslie had to try one of the seats.  Not very comfortable, but we figured it would keep you from falling to the side if you fell asleep during church.

Our last stop for the day, before driving up in the mountains to stay at a very nice bed and breakfast, was Thun.  They were also having a public market.  This time we did eat – they had some good German sausages grilling that we could not pass up.  We hiked up the hill (again with the hills) to see the medieval castle.  Thun is located on a lake that feeds the River Aare which runs through the town.  It is a beautiful green color and was very high due to the recent rains.  WE had a very nice walk along the river to the lake.  The last picture is from a walk we took by our B and B.

IMG_2492  IMG_2465

IMG_2429  IMG_2491

IMG_2486  IMG_2439

IMG_2464  IMG_2452

IMG_2458  IMG_2487

IMG_2532  IMG_2506

IMG_2513  IMG_2520

IMG_2525  IMG_2549

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One thought on “May 9th, 2015 – Fribourg & Thun – Switzerland

  1. Judy

    I can only imagine how beautiful your touring must be…. even as gorgeous as the pictures are it simply cannot do the ‘real scenes’ justice. Although I am enjoying ALL of them very much. Don says thank you for letting him view things he will never see and I thank you as well.

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