May 18th & 19th, 2015 – Euthal – Switzerland

Don chose a bed and breakfast between some of the major cities in Switzerland as a base for a few days.  We were very glad he did.  Euthal is very small and very beautiful.  We took walks around the lake and got to get up close and personal with the cows – the source of all the good cheese and chocolate we have been eating.  Our arrival day was sunny and warm, the next day it was cold and rainy and when the clouds cleared enough for us to see the mountains that are in the second picture, they were covered in snow.  The rain brought out the snails – we saw 5 or 6 different kinds – we just were not sure which ones were the escargot snails, so we just snapped a picture and moved on.

IMG_2886  IMG_2904

IMG_2906  IMG_2908

IMG_2911  IMG_2960

IMG_2959  IMG_2941

IMG_2943  IMG_2968

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5 thoughts on “May 18th & 19th, 2015 – Euthal – Switzerland

  1. Joan Davoli

    Love the photos of Switzerland especially the field of flowers in Euthal.

  2. Mary McKee

    Hi guys, Greetings from Canada. You look like you are having a WONDERFUL time with your relatives. We filled in our Odysseys evaluation last might and in doing so, remembered that the best part of the trip was the wonderful people we met!! Thanks again for making our time in Italy so fun. Remember, if you are ever in Toronto, we would love to have you stay with us, Keep enjoyng your retirement!!!!! Cheers, Mary and David

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  3. Susan

    So glad to see your smiling faces! You are indeed the travelers par excellence. Your visit with relatives seemed wonderful- I forgot if you are able to communicate in English or just German. We are glad to be home and I must say I just now feel close to my normal self though we had a lot to do upon our return…Our next trip is to Boulder Col. for a neice’s wedding in July. In the meantime it’s back to the gym and eating lots of salad for us! I lie just a little as we did go out for a Spanish dinner of sangria and paella tonight. All our best, Susan and Michael

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  4. Lucille Browning

    Hi Don and Leslie Thanks for sending the blogs. The countryside and all of the food and family sound great. I know you are having the experience of a lifetime. I’m back in the ratrace of everyday life. My daughter and granddaughters were here last weekend and I’m still recovering!! My daughter had a sorority reunion at Syracuse University, so I invited at least 15 of the family each day to be here so they didn’t miss her!! Lots of cooking and partying and the kids were happy!! Have a number of Memorial Day picnics and parties to go to this weekend. Stay safe and continue to have a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing more from you! Lucille

  5. Judy

    Sure looks like you two are having a wonderful time as always. The scenes are just breathtaking and one of my favorites to see. I know you (Leslie) loved seeing the cows. Glad you had a sunny day finally.

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