May 18th, 2015 – Sankt Gallen – Switzerland

We took advantage of the sunny weather today and stopped by Sankt Gallen on our way to Euthal.  Sankt Gallen was founded on the site of a hermitage that was built by Saint Gallus in 612.  It is famous for its abbey, the cathedral (first 6 pictures) and the abbey library (last 4 pictures).

The cathedral was built  in the mid-1700s and is decorated in the late-Baroque style.  The library is recognized as one of the richest medieval libraries in the world.  It is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of early medieval books in the German-speaking part of Europe.  The library consists of over 160,000 books, of which 2100 are handwritten.  Nearly half of the handwritten books are from the Middle Ages and 400 are over 1000 years old.

The library also preserves a unique 9th-century document, known as the Plan of St. Gall, the only surviving major architectural drawing from the roughly 700-year period between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the 13th century.   The globe in the library had a date of 1718.  It was pretty amazing to see how accurate it was considering they did not have aerial views at the time.  There was also a copy of St. John’s gospel from 950 that was given to Charlemagne by Pope Leo III (the last picture shows the ornate ivory cover of the gospel).  The library itself was beautiful.  We had to wear these huge slippers over our shoes to protect the floor.  What Don needed was a video camera so he could get Leslie trying to walk in those slippers.

IMG_2810  IMG_2869

IMG_2842  IMG_2882

IMG_2874  IMG_2841

IMG_2965  IMG_2863

IMG_2966  IMG_2961

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One thought on “May 18th, 2015 – Sankt Gallen – Switzerland

  1. Judy

    What a beautiful place!

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