May 19th. 2015 – Einsiedeln – Switzerland

After our morning walk in Euthal, it started to rain, so we decided to go to the nearby town of Einsiedeln and see the abbey.  The Michelin guide said the abbey was the best example of Vorarlberg Baroque in Switzerland.  We are not really sure what that is, but the inside was absolutely breathtaking.  Pictures cannot do it justice.  One of the unique features is a small chapel inside the main chapel that has a Black Madonna (last picture).  Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have come to see her.  The Black Madonna was created by an unknown artist in the 15th century.  Soon after, Mary and the baby Jesus were given magnificent embroidered clothes that are changed throughout the year depending on the feasts that are celebrated.  The clothes cover everything except their face and hands.  The Black Madonna became black over the years from dust and the soot of the candles, oil lamps and incense.  In 1803, the hands and face were painted black.

IMG_3004  IMG_2976

IMG_2987  IMG_2989

IMG_2994  IMG_3013

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3 thoughts on “May 19th. 2015 – Einsiedeln – Switzerland

  1. Lucille Browning

    Is the black Madonna the same one the Polish people have in most of their churches and as a part of their culture? Lucille

    • Lucille,

      I am not sure. This one has been there since the 1500s. The book said it was one of the Black Madonnas in Europe, so maybe it is related somehow. Saw your other comment. You are a very busy lady. Sounds like you are having a great time. Leslie

  2. Judy

    Interesting…. I’ve always loved seeing inside of the beautiful Cathedrals, Abbeys etc. Although I haven’t seen that many. Since I haven’t been out of the country I suppose the prettiest I have seen is The Washington National Cathedral, St. Louis and New Orleans. I’ve got a LOOOOOONG way to catch up with you!

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