May 20th, 2015 – Luzern (Verkehrshaus) – Switzerland

Still raining here in Switzerland.  Actually the forecast says it is going to be cloudy and raining the rest of the time we are here in Europe.  Oh well, forecasts can be wrong.  It was raining hard today, so we looked for an indoor activity.  In nearby Luzern, there was only one 3-star item in the Michelin guide, the Verkehrshaus – a transportation museum.  Probably not something that would have been high on our list, but it goes to show that you should always be open to different things.

It was really a fantastic museum with lots of activities and displays.  They had virtual machines that let you drive trains, race cars, airplanes, etc.  Unfortunately, our motion sickness stopped us from doing this, but we thought what a great place this would have been for our kids.  It was also interesting to see a museum from the perspective of a different country -particularly the aerospace part.  The descriptions of the USSR and the US race to the moon were told without a spin toward either country.  We also learned a whole lot about what Europe is doing in space.  The fourth picture shows a train that is used to clear the snow from the tracks (figured that one needed an explanation).

IMG_3021  IMG_3023

IMG_3031  IMG_3029

IMG_3051  IMG_3063

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One thought on “May 20th, 2015 – Luzern (Verkehrshaus) – Switzerland

  1. Judy

    Sounds like fun and bet you were right about the kids would have enjoyed it as well.

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