May 23rd, 2015 – Jungfrau Region – Switzerland

We are seeing, and sharing with you, parts of Switzerland that probably most visitors do not see – all thanks to the weather.  We checked the webcams at the tops of all the mountains, and saw only clouds, so we decided to take a drive.  On the way out of town, we saw these two bulls locking horns and pushing each other around.  There was a group of people watching and a guy out there with the bulls sort of refereeing.  Since we had no agenda, we stopped and watched.  One of the bulls was definitely winning, at one point his horn was in the other’s neck causing it to come off its front legs.  The man was making sure no one got hurt.  Only when we looked closely at the pictures did we realize that it was actually a bull and a cow and the cow was the one that was winning.  Our new theory is they were brought together to mate (thus the people watching) and she was playing hard to get.

We drove to Brienz (next 3 pictures) and took a walk around the town and the Brienzersee (a lake).  We actually saw a hint of blue skies while we were there, but it was very brief.  We took the scenic route to Interlaken, driving around the lake and through a different town about every 2 – 3 miles.   This seems to be common in this area and each town is too cute.  Interlaken is a bigger city and is a major tourist draw due to its location —  it is the main transport gateway to the mountains and lakes of the Swiss Alps.

One of the first things we saw was Hooters.  How nice to know that the U.S. influence in Switzerland is Hooters.  We also got to watch several paragliders come in for a landing in the center of town.  They were dual gliders with a professional doing the work.  Leslie decided she might could do that until she saw one come in for a landing and go in some very wild circles.

There is a casino in Interlaken, so Leslie had to go in.  Since you had to pay 5 francs to get in, Don stayed outside and took pictures.  Leslie was in there for about 15 minutes.  She actually got to play slots for about 3 of those minutes.  It took a while to check-in, figure out how to work the machines and after a very short time she was up $66 francs (about $70), so she decided she should stop.  She could not figure out the German on the cash out machine, so the bartender had to help (it was embarrassing, but worth it).  We got back to our apartment in time to see the cows come home.

IMG_3281  IMG_3293

IMG_3306  IMG_3311

IMG_3322  IMG_3320

IMG_3334  IMG_3331

IMG_3335  IMG_3349

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One thought on “May 23rd, 2015 – Jungfrau Region – Switzerland

  1. Judy

    So glad you decided against the glider Leslie…. although I might could see myself doing that in my younger days :). Good for you keeping your ‘slot winnings’. I still have some money that I won on a slot machine in Laughlin, Nev. some years ago! Pat and Roger were at Cherokee last week and he won $1700 dollars. Pat wins all the time but always puts it back in and looses it….. sad, sad.

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