May 25th – Jungfrau & Ticino Regions – Switzerland

We started the morning by saying goodbye to the farm family and their cows.  They had put the bells on them since they will be going up the mountain for the summer soon.  It was quite the musical departure.  Our destination was Zermatt to see the Matterhorn.  The trusty GPS said a little over three hours.  We enjoyed a beautiful drive through the Alps (pictures 2 -4) for about an hour.  Then, the road was closed.  Turns out it does not open until June.  So, we turned around and had to drive back to where we started (2 hours and we had gone nowhere).  The GPS had recalculated a route that said something about a ferry.  So, to be sure we were not going to have to turn around again, we called the hotel.  Actually, it was a train not a ferry and they were not sure of the schedule or if it was even running since it was a holiday.  So….we decided we would have to see the Matterhorn on another trip and drove to Milan.

As we left the Jungfrau region and drove into the Ticino region, the language on the highway signs changed from German to Italian.  This part of Switzerland is very different – no more cows, no more Swiss chalets.  We stopped in Lugano, on Lake Lugano, which is located between the lakes Lago Maggiore  (which you may remember from the beginning of our trip) and Lago di Como (where George Clooney has a house.)  Drastic weather change – it was sunny and in the 70s so we enjoyed a walk around the town after being in the car for several hours. 

IMG_3474  IMG_3479

IMG_3481  IMG_3484

IMG_3486  IMG_3496

IMG_3504  IMG_3494

IMG_3497  IMG_3511


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2 thoughts on “May 25th – Jungfrau & Ticino Regions – Switzerland

  1. Diane Furmanski

    It looks like you have had a great trip. I have enjoyed the pictures and commentary.

  2. Judy

    I don’t like ‘goodbye’s’ even if they are new friends but I would have loved the ‘musical send off’… . Trying to get to the Matterhorn sounds a lot like my “being on a wild goose chase” last week trying to meet all of my doctors, x-rays, scans etc. Makes you almost want to give up doesn’t it? But I’m sure the drastic weather change was worth all the aggravation. And soon you will be home with all those WONDERFUL memories whirling around in your head.

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