July 2nd, 2015 – Eastern Sierra Nevada’s – CA

We continued enjoying the variety of environments around Mono Lake.  Our first stop was Convict Lake (1st picture).  The name does not fit the beauty of the lake.  It was named after an ambush that occurred on September 23, 1871.  A group of convicts escaped from prison in Carson City.  A posse caught up with them near the head of what is now Convict Creek.  A shootout occurred and two of the posse members, Robert Morrison and Jim Mono were killed.  The mountain in the picture is Mount Morrison.

Pictures 4 – 8 are from the Hot Creek Geothermal Area – more evidence of the volcanic activity around this area.  As Mammoth Creek leaves the Sierra and flows east into the Long Valley Caldera it is joined by warmer water from geothermal springs.  The stream is named Hot Creek, though its water temperature seldom exceeds 68 °F  until it reaches Hot Creek Gorge (4th picture).  There are several hot springs in the gorge which are quite beautiful.

We finished the day with a hike to one of the lakes in the Mammoth Lakes area – Emerald Lake (last picture).  We felt we needed to walk through John Muir’s wilderness today since we walked through Ansel Adam’s wilderness yesterday.

IMG_4066  IMG_2353

IMG_2374  IMG_2344

IMG_4099  IMG_2367

IMG_2369  IMG_2385

IMG_4136  IMG_4120



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3 thoughts on “July 2nd, 2015 – Eastern Sierra Nevada’s – CA

  1. Susan

    Wow hard to believe those are photos and not paintings!

  2. Carmie Cook

    Janet and I are so enjoying your adventure – keep the post coming. What is your itinerary for the summer. How long in Alaska and what is your route?

  3. Judy

    The hot springs continue to amaze me…. along with all the rest. That John Muir fellow had to be quiet a fellow as I keep running into his name a lot. We went through his Muir Woods near Sausalito , Calif. a few years ago and I also have heard you mention him over and over during your travels. Seems he would have made quiet a travel partner for you two!

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