July 3rd, 2014 – Yosemite National Park – CA

Today we made our little 4 cylinder Fiat 500 climb from 6,780 to 9,940 feet going through Tioga Pass on the way to Yosemite.  It is a good thing that we had to stop and take pictures so the car could have a rest (the rental company has no idea what we have put this car through).  The first four and the 9th pictures are from the drive through the pass.  Absolutely breath taking scenery (and breathtaking when you come back down the over 3,000 foot change in elevation in just a few miles.)  The sixth picture was taken from Olmstead Point.  That is the famous Half Dome in the distance.  Everything looked totally different from when we were here in May of 2014.  It was all covered in snow then.

Since it is a holiday weekend, we were not alone in our idea to visit Yosemite, so we decided to take a off-the beaten path hike to May Lake.  The next three pictures are from the hike, the last one being the lake itself.   It was a beautiful hike and it also helped us kill enough time so that the sun moved to a better angle so we could get a better picture of Lake Tenaya (8th and 10th pictures).   The lake has fond memories for us.  When we came here with the kids, the three boys went swimming in their boxer shorts in the freezing cold lake.  They refused to admit that it was cold.

In the evening, we went back to Mono Lake where the tufas are to see what they would look like with the setting sun shining on them.  There was a storm in the distance and while we were driving there there was a fantastic double rainbow.  Unfortunately, there was not a safe place to pull off, so we have no photo.  We did, however, get to see something we have never seen before and that is a rainbow that was in a sort of V shape (last picture).  We had to do some research and found that they are quite rare.  It is actually a reflection rainbow – a rainbow that is a combination of two rainbows produced by sunlight coming from two different directions – one directly from the sun and the other from the reflected image of the sun.  However it was formed, it was absolutely beautiful.

IMG_4168  IMG_4175

IMG_4194  IMG_4170

IMG_4221  IMG_4235

IMG_4245  IMG_4228

IMG_4257  IMG_2486  IMG_4276  IMG_4270

IMG_4151  IMG_2440

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4 thoughts on “July 3rd, 2014 – Yosemite National Park – CA

  1. Arlene

    Wow! Words can’t adequately describe what you’ve been able to beautifully capture. Happy adventures.

  2. Barbara

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    Loved the pictures and the rainbow is awesome. never seen one like that.!! enjoy you two.


  3. Lucille Browning

    God Bless America–it truly is a beautiful country from sea to shining sea!! The 4th of July weekend is a great time to be seeing all of these beautiful sites!

  4. Judy

    Not only was the rainbow gorgeous – so were all of the other pictures. I would LOVE touring all of this with you two! I guess the next best thing is getting to see the pictures. Speaking of the kids in the cold lake…. I saw on TV yesterday that a lady was swimming in Lake Keeowee for the 4TH and she saw a bear swimming with her! A few have also been sighted near Woodruff Rd. So you be careful where you swim out there!

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