July 4th & 5th – Lake Tahoe – NV

We stopped in Nevada so we could visit Lake Tahoe.  We were here 20 years ago and wanted to see it again.  The second picture is from that trip (just in case you did not recognize that we look a whole lot younger in that picture).   Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake and the second deepest lake in the U.S.  The first picture is Emerald Bay at sunrise.  The other pictures were taken at various places around the lake.  As you can see, the water is very clear and beautiful.  We were considering going to the fireworks display over the lake until we read that 100,000 people come to South Lake Tahoe  (which is 5 times the population of the town) for this event.

We wish we had a video of us taking the 7th picture.  Don had to press the button and then climb down some rocks and get situated in 10 seconds without knocking Leslie over the edge.  It took more than one try for him to get there in time.  It was pretty funny.  The 8th picture was taken by Leslie.  Don made the mistake of letting her carry the camera.  She found a bird cleaning out its nest and took many, many, many pictures of her.  The bird was fun to watch.  It entertained her for quite a while.  Leslie’s other form of entertainment was playing her favorite slot machine at the casino attached to the campground.  It was profitable – she came away $500 ahead.

We decided to go a different way back to the RV when we left the lake.  We took a scenic route that went to Virginia City.  (For those of you old enough, you might remember that name from the tv show Bonanza.)  It is right up Leslie’s alley – a tourist attraction that preserves history and has shopping – so we had to stop.  Virginia City sprang up as a boomtown with the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States.   During its 20-year heyday, its mining proceeds amounted to millions of dollars, equaling billions today.   They have preserved the saloons, boardwalks, public buildings and homes, turning many of them into museums and stores.

JPEG E 0348  JPEG E 0355

IMG_2504  IMG_2520

IMG_2525  IMG_2508

IMG_2570  IMG_4339

IMG_2594  IMG_2611

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2 thoughts on “July 4th & 5th – Lake Tahoe – NV

  1. Barbara

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    I was really into these pictures as this is where we will be traveling in Sept. We were there also, but about 40 year ago, but really don’t remember much except the scary mountain drive from Jim’s sister’s house to Lake Tahoe.

    Happy Trails to you both,


  2. Judy

    You two really do scare me at times…. Please be careful – sounds like me in trying to get some of my shots and knowing you may NEVER pass this way again. BUT…. this week a teenager and his girlfriend were hiking here in the mountains. He leaned over to refill their water jugs from a waterfall and fell. He died and was buried yesterday – so sad!

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