July 6th & 7th, 2015 – Silver Falls State Park – OR

We are moving closer to Alaska a little at a time.  The first picture is Mt. Shasta in northern California.  We did not stop there on this trip, but it was in front of us on the road and we looked at it for so long, Don had to pull over and take a picture.  We spent the night at Silver Falls State Park, the largest state park in Oregon.  It includes more than 24 miles of walking trails.  Its 8.7-mile Canyon Trail/Trail of Ten Falls runs along the banks of Silver Creek and by ten waterfalls (thus the name of the park).   We did not have time to walk the whole trail, but we got to take two brief hikes to the South and North Falls.  You can walk behind both of them which was kind of cool.  We were out of the drought area finally and campfires were allowed so Leslie got a chance to try her giant marshmallows.  Don built a little fire so she would not have to wait too long for the coals to be good so she could have her perfectly toasted marshmallows.

IMG_4353  IMG_4402

IMG_4380 (2)  IMG_4374

IMG_4375  IMG_4412

IMG_4439  IMG_4390

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2 thoughts on “July 6th & 7th, 2015 – Silver Falls State Park – OR

  1. Joan Davoli

    I’ve been following your photos. I’m doing a driving trip in September from California to Washington State. My friends and I are going to do a more coastal trip. Looks like you are having fun and your pictures are great!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Judy

    How beautiful!! I’m beginning to think perhaps you have seen every waterfall in the world – at least once…. Hee hee …….

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