July 12th, 2015 – Kitwanga to Iskut, British Columbia – Canada

We have been several days without either a signal, time or a computer, so we are a bit behind on posts….so be prepared for some catch up.

We started our day on the Cassiar Highway by going backwards (a couple of miles) to see the Gitwangack house poles.  They were erected on this site between 1840 and 1942 and each pertains directly to the families of the Frog-Raven (Ganada), Eagle (Laxskik) and Wolf (Laxgibu) clans.  They were very cool.

We also started our wildlife viewing off early with a family of bald eagles – 2 adults and 3 juveniles (one of the juveniles is in the second picture).  The third picture is a fox that we barely got a picture of since we were not prepared with the cameras at the ready.  We did much better once we saw the bear cub (10th picture) as the cameras were in Leslie’s lap, ready to go.

We took a small detour (40 miles one way) to drive to Stewart, British Columbia and Hyder, Alaska (pop 70).  It is a beautiful drive with glaciers, waterfalls and rivers.  It was raining so we had some really cool clouds/fog and Sharon got to use her hugs and kisses umbrella.   The 8th picture is the toe of Bear Glacier which receded in the 1940s creating Strohn Lake.

We had a delicious lunch in Hyder before we started back toward the Cassiar.  We had to go through the Canadian border crossing and the agent noticed our Ohio State license plate.  He is a big American College Football fan and we had quite the discussion about different teams, as well as, about whether or not the players should be paid.  It was interesting to hear the opinion of someone from another country.  Of course, we had to sort of agree with his opinion to be sure we were let back into Canada.

IMG_4426  IMG_4458

IMG_4467  IMG_4477

IMG_4482  IMG_4497

IMG_4504  IMG_4523

IMG_4528  IMG_4626

IMG_4530  IMG_4653

IMG_4644  IMG_4634

IMG_4642  IMG_4658

IMG_4656  IMG_4668

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One thought on “July 12th, 2015 – Kitwanga to Iskut, British Columbia – Canada

  1. Judy

    Good to hear from you again… Don asks everyday. The scenes are very interesting and I love the flowers by the water. They look a little like my Cleome’s.

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