August 8th & 9th, 2015 – Homer – Alaska

We moved to Homer which is on the other side of the Kenai Pennisula.  The first picture is from Kenai which we visited on the way.  It is the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church which is a Russiam Orthodox church built in 1895.  More pictures from Don’s “Fireweed of Alaska” collection.  Leslie keeps saying she is going to make a whole book from them.  The flowers are so beautiful though, it is hard not to keep taking pictures of them.

We actually ran into a kind of rainy day, but that did not detour us from walking on Bishop’s Beach.  All the rest of the pictures are from that walk.  There are a lot of tide pooling opportunities here.  We cannot identify most of what we saw, but they still made cool pictures.  Hopefully after our tour in a couple of days, we will be able to identify them.

We can kind of identify some of the last pictures – a sea star, barnacles and a sea anemone.   We also spent quite a bit of time watching two juvenile eagles in a nest (next to the last picture).  They were rude though because they were eating and kept turning their backs to us.  Or were we rude for disturbing their dinner?  Their parents were nearby watching over them.  Leslie offered to give Don a great picture of an eagle.  She was going to start to climb the tree where the nest is and when the parents came after her, he could get a good close up.  He declined.

IMG_7132 (2)  IMG_7118

IMG_7122  IMG_7138 (2)

IMG_7142 (2)  IMG_7128

IMG_7146  IMG_7160

IMG_7143 (2)  IMG_7155

IMG_7168  IMG_7138

IMG_7213  IMG_7136


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3 thoughts on “August 8th & 9th, 2015 – Homer – Alaska

  1. Barbara

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    Again, I was blown away by the beautiful pictures. The one with the bright pink flowers in front and the mountains in the background is awesome. And the close up of the bee on the flower, amazing; and of course the star and crab, look like something out of a magazine. Thanks again.

    Glad that you are having such a great time.


  2. Diane Furmanski

    Great pictures and commentary. I am enjoying your Alaskan adventure!

  3. Judy

    That tree limb on the beach looks like some king of dead animal….. But my favorite is the Fireweed with the lake and the mountains. Another one that I will be ‘saving’ for my screen pictures.

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