August 11th, 2015 – Homer – Alaska

We had a great day today and learned quite a bit.  We took a day tour with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies.  We were the only ones on the tour and Becca, our guide, had a degree in marine biology and taught us so much about tide pooling.  Because of her (and with some notes) we can tell you what is in the pictures.

Here we go –  (1) Green sea urchin (2) Common murre (3) Sandpiper (4) Christmas anemone eating a mussel (5) True star (bottom of it anyway) (6) Plumose anemone  (7) Christmas anemone  (8) Lion’s mane jellyfish (9) Leather star  (10) Nuttal’s cockle  (11) Pacific red hermit crab (12) Blood star  (13)  Stimpson sun star (14) Christmas anemone (16) Blueberry bush that has started to change color for fall  (17) Red crossbill (19) Chicken of the woods (mushrooms) (20) Bear’s bread fungus

Do we sound smart?  We also learned how much you can find when you pick up large rocks on the beach and look at what is underneath and that it is safe to touch just about everything you see on the beach.  Leslie actually touched a jelly fish (the one in the 8th picture) that was alive and in the water (once Becca explained that you could).  We also learned we can eat some of the plants on the beach.  We tried a few of them which of course tasted like salt (a good thing in Leslie’s book).  After the tide pooling, we took a great hike to an overlook of China Poot Bay (18th picture) and learned all about berries and fungus on the way.  So…with Don’s pictures with us, we could survive if we were stranded on an island because we would know what to eat.


IMG_7227   IMG_7261

IMG_7268  IMG_7241

IMG_7280  IMG_7286

IMG_7287  IMG_7312

IMG_7349  IMG_7360

IMG_7334  IMG_7351

IMG_7350  IMG_7357

IMG_7305 (2)  IMG_7362

IMG_7415  IMG_7395

IMG_7384  IMG_7367



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One thought on “August 11th, 2015 – Homer – Alaska

  1. Judy

    Nice to have smart friends like you :). Now – if you can just remember all of what you learned!

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