August 18th – 20th – Tok (Alaska) to Watson Lake (British Columbia) – Canada

After our night in Tok, Alaska, we continued our journey south and left the 49th state of the USA.  We entered Canada near Beaver Creek and braved the 40 miles or so of very rough, muddy road.  We are taking our time as we have reservations in Jasper, Alberta, in about a week.  We are leaving at the right time.  The weather has turned cool and rainy and the leaves are starting to turn.

We drove back through Kluane National Park and Reserve (1st picture).  We got to see two sets of moose calves with their mothers so we were excited.  Our first stop for the evening was in Haines Junction at a RV park that had a washing station.  Our RV was covered in mud.  The next morning we stopped at Takhini Hot Springs to have a bit of a soak ourselves.  With everyone, and everything all clean, we went on to Whitehorse (9th picture), the capital of Yukon.

We meandered on Main Street in Whitehorse, letting Leslie go in every tourist trap store that is there (her favorite).  We went to the Beringa Interpretive Center (6th and 8th pictures) which focus on the 3200 km landmass stretching from the Kolyma River in Siberia to the MacKenzie River in Canada.  This area remained non glaciated during the Pleistocene (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago) due to light snowfall from an arid climate.  That is fancy talk for this was when there was a land mass between Russia and Alaska.  Beringia played a crucial role in the migrations of many animals and humans between Asia and the Americas.  It had some excellent displays of how humans survived in the harsh environment and pre-historic animals.

The next day we stopped at the Teslin Tglinit Heritage Center (pictures 10 – 12) in Teslin.   This center invites people to experience the day-to-day life of the Tglinit people.  It had fantastic displays of totems, masks and clothing.  We are enamored with their art.  Don likes the masks and canoes and Leslie likes the totems.  Lots of driving and we had to stop to stretch our legs.  The walk to Ranchiera Falls (last two pictures) was just what we needed.

IMG_7767  IMG_7749

IMG_7757  IMG_7730

IMG_7733  IMG_7741

IMG_7737  IMG_7748

yt_communities-herowhitehorse-2560x1333  IMG_7750

IMG_7767 (2)  IMG_7774

IMG_7807  IMG_7797

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2 thoughts on “August 18th – 20th – Tok (Alaska) to Watson Lake (British Columbia) – Canada

  1. Susan

    Hi Leslie and Don, Your pics and travelogue would make a wonderful travel book! Really spectacular. And an amazing amount of driving….
    We are considering trips to Turkey in the spring and Spain the following fall.
    Currently we are resting and recuperating from weeklong visits from children and grandchildren. All is good.
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming adventures. Hope the weather holds out for you!
    Our best, Susan and Michael

  2. Judy

    Enjoying your pictures. Can’t believe how much you have seen and admire you for all of it.

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