August 21st, 2015 – Muncho Lake Provincial Park (British Columbia) – Canada

We have discovered how absolutely beautiful British Columbia is on this trip.  We went through the western part on the way to Alaska and now we are in the northeastern part.  It is also full of wildlife.   We are basically driving from place to place, but we have allowed ourselves time for walks and excursions.  The first picture is Whirlpool Canyon on the Liard River.  We saw two foxes today.  A cross fox (which we did not get a good picture of) and a red fox (2nd picture).

We stopped at another hot springs – Liard Hot Springs (pictures 3 – 5).  It is a bit different than the other one we visited.  The first one was a pool where the water is pumped in every day.  This one is a natural spring.  The water temperature ranges from 108 to 126 degrees.  We never made it in the 126 degree part (other than Leslie’s feet).  Don really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time in there, moving from the 108 degree part to probably at least 118 or so.  Leslie felt that 108 was too hot, so she did not spend much time in there at all.

After seeing multiple signs telling us that bison were in the area (and never seeing any) we finally found them.  They are easy to get a picture of as they do not run when they see you.  We kept our distance though (thank goodness for the big lens on the camera).   We also saw several stone sheep.  Some of them, like the mother and baby in the last picture were licking the area right beside the road.  According to “The Milepost” there are mineral licks there.

We finally arrived at the namesake of the park Muncho Lake (9th picture).  It is one of the largest lakes in the Canadian Rockies.   The 12th picture is Trout River which feeds Muncho Lake.  The water up here is so beautiful.


IMG_7783  IMG_7778

IMG_7821  IMG_7814

IMG_7822  IMG_7832 (2)

IMG_7830 (2)  IMG_7864

IMG_7866  IMG_7878

IMG_7912  IMG_7832

IMG_7869  IMG_7845


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2 thoughts on “August 21st, 2015 – Muncho Lake Provincial Park (British Columbia) – Canada

  1. Tom

    Beautiful :)….can’t wait till its time to retire….what great pics !

  2. Judy

    The water really is beautiful and I am only seeing it in a picture. Love all of the pictures…. so glad you took your own photographer along with you. He does a great job!

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