August 25th, 2015 – Jasper National Park – Canada

We arrived in Jasper yesterday and it looked much different than the last time we were here in that we could not see the majority of it because of the smoke from the fires in the northern United States.   The smoke was high in the sky so we decided to spend the night and see what happened.  We are glad we did because the next day it was relatively clear.

It is the elk mating season and we found what we thought was a elk herd that turned out to be one male with a whole harem of females (first picture).  We took a pretty drive up to Edith Cavell Mountain (next two pictures).  It was kind of strange  If you looked to our right it looked like the pictures you see, if you looked to the left it was so hazy you could barely see the mountains on the other side.

The next 6 pictures are from Athabasca falls, the canyon it created and the Athabasca River on the other side of the falls.  It is classified as a class 5 rapid – we do not think we are interested in rafting over it though.  The last two pictures are of Maligne Lake and Spirit Island from our last visit.  We did not get to go there this time because of the smoke, but we wanted to share the pictures because both are so beautiful.

IMG_7965  IMG_7967

IMG_7976  IMG_7963

IMG_8007  IMG_8022

IMG_8062  IMG_8113

IMG_8093  IMG_1386

IMG_1449  IMG_1468

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One thought on “August 25th, 2015 – Jasper National Park – Canada

  1. Judy

    WOW – You sure are seeing some beautiful scenes. And now I can tell Don we got some blogs….. he ask everyday.

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