August 30th, 2015 – Pipe Stream and Vermillion Cliffs National Monuments – Arizona

You only thought that we were finished blogging.  After spending three days driving in a haze and not able to see much of anything, we just had to make a few stops on our last day of driving home since it was so beautiful.  We could have gone home through Las Vegas, but we decided that we would go the scenic route.

We stopped by Pipe Springs National Monument.  This monument is a joint offering from the Kaibub Paiute tribe and the National Park Service.  We learned about the Kaibub Pauite history, as well as, the Mormon history.   Pipe Springs is located on the Arizona Strip (a grassy, arid area north of the Grand Canyon) and Brigham Young bought the land around the spring and created a tithing ranch.  Many of the church members were tithing in cattle, so he needed a place to put them.  The cows provided milk, cheese and meat to the church in Salt Lake City.  It also was a stopping place for Mormon couples that lived in the west that were making a trip to Salt Lake City to get their marriage blessed.

The last 8 pictures are from Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  The last few pictures show the Colorado River before it gets to the Grand Canyon.  This national monument is absolutely beautiful and totally left alone (which could be a good thing).  Most of the monument is not accessible except by permit so it remains very natural.  The good news is even though getting to the inside requires a permit, anyone can drive by it and enjoy the beauty of the perimeter.

IMG_8109  IMG_8118

IMG_8116  IMG_8136

IMG_8229  IMG_8223

IMG_8236  IMG_8232

IMG_8243  IMG_8247

IMG_8252  IMG_8250

IMG_8256  IMG_8257

IMG_8271  IMG_8268

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One thought on “August 30th, 2015 – Pipe Stream and Vermillion Cliffs National Monuments – Arizona

  1. Judy

    Glad to hear where you are…. Very interesting to see this about Brigham Young as we toured his home and the compound (Churches etc.) when we were in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago. We knew he came across this area. And to me it is just amazing how God has allowed the rocks to become layered. Beautiful seeing them and the Colorado River flowing towards the Grand Canyon. I wish EVERYONE could see these scenes with their own eyes..

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