October 25th & 26th – San Diego – California

There is no photographic evidence of our ocean kayaking adventure because we wisely left the cameras behind (although it was a challenge to convince Don).  We started from the beach in La Jolla and had to make it out over the waves.  That was fun and no one capsized.  Once past where the waves were breaking we kayaked for about 2 miles.  The waves were too high to go into the caves so the guides spent time talking to us about the area while we floated by the caves (although we were pretty close to where the waves were crashing against the rocks  which made us nervous).

We learned that Dr. Suess had a house on a cliff in La Jolla and based many of his illustrations off of the plants in the area.  Also, the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” is based on a fish in the area that is born red, changes to blue and then turns yellow.  Just about the time that Leslie thought we could have brought the camera and Matthew asked why we were wearing helmets, we had to go back to the beach over the waves.  We were not as successful as going out and both of us capsized.  The good news is we were hot and the water felt good.

We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park on the last day.   The park was not crowded and we managed to make it to every location at the right time to see the animals put on a show.  The park is actually 30 minutes north of San Diego and has huge habitats for the animals.  They do a lot of research and breeding for other zoos there.   We definitely got our steps in for the day before 2 of us got on a plane and 2 of us started the drive home.

IMG_8659  IMG_8657

IMG_8671  IMG_8806

IMG_8851  IMG_8714

IMG_8715  IMG_8683

IMG_8700  IMG_8676

IMG_8724  IMG_8754

IMG_8770  IMG_8831



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One thought on “October 25th & 26th – San Diego – California

  1. Cathleen Kovach

    What ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PHOTOS of the animals!!!!!!! Loved these photos…Cathy

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