December 19th, 2015 – The World of Coca-Cola – Atlanta, Georgia

Today we headed off for an Atlanta, Georgia visit, with Jessica, Jon and Caden.   After arriving, we started the afternoon off with a large dose of unhealthy food at The Varsity.  It is a iconic restaurant chain in downtown Atlanta.  It is the largest drive-in fast food restaurant and has great food.

Following lunch we went to The World of Coca-Cola, a museum showcasing the history of The Coca-Cola Company.  We got to see the Coca Cola polar bear which was very exciting.  The museum is very interesting and the best part is you get to taste their products from all over the world.  We also walked around downtown Atlanta since it was such a beautiful day (we told ourselves that we were walking off lunch, but in actuality we probably only walked off a couple of onion rings – oh well it is the holidays).

IMG_9224  IMG_9234

IMG_9228  IMG_9252

IMG_9253  IMG_9237

IMG_9249  IMG_9264

IMG_9274  IMG_9279

10151236_10153145677242653_8921643432822866748_n  12376075_10153145677957653_1545821797119486395_n

IMG_9288  IMG_9292

IMG_9310  IMG_9309

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