December 28th – 31st, 2015 – Greenville, South Carolina to Oracle, Arizona

This post is a bit late as we were learning how to use our Christmas presents – new Apple computers (which are a bit different than a Windows computer).

We had a great time in Greenville but the weather was not kind.  It rained all but one day while we were there.  We were camping in a conveniently located, but not very nice campground and were in a mud hole (we actually had to get a tow truck to get our rental car out of the mud one day).  The weather forecast of another 3 – 4 inches of rain and waking up to a camper full of ants (their homes were flooded from all the rain) provided the hints that maybe it was time to start home.

We decided to eat our way across America on the drive back.   We stopped at Rosetti’s (first two pictures) in Biloxi, Mississippi for a crab Po’boy which was very good.  You can tell from the first picture that this is not a place that you would go if you had not read about it in a magazine.

After a good lunch, we stopped by Beauvoir – the last house that Jefferson Davis lived in and the location of the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library.  The library preserves the official papers, records, artifacts and other historical materials of Jefferson Davis.

The library and many of the buildings at the location were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but the house where he lived (last picture) survived (it has survived 18 hurricanes).  It was a very interesting visit and we learned a lot about Confederate history, including the fact that what everyone calls the Confederate Flag was actually the Navy Jack flag and not the official flag of the Confederate United States.

The next day we stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for one of our favorites – grilled oysters from Parrain’s (3rd picture).  They are absolutely to die for.  We definitely recommend them if you are ever in the area.

Our last food stop was for Texas barbeque.  We have a list of the 17 Texas BBQ places you have to try before you die so we decided to get started. We stopped at Black’s BBQ in Lockhart, Texas.  Excellent ribs and beef brisket.  We had to get it to go because we got there later than we expected and still had to drive a while to get to a campground.  Very yummy.

IMG_0731  IMG_0730

IMG_0736  IMG_0735

IMG_0744  IMG_0748

IMG_9301  IMG_9312

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5 thoughts on “December 28th – 31st, 2015 – Greenville, South Carolina to Oracle, Arizona

  1. Judy

    Was wondering why you hadn’t Blogged about your Christmas visit. You should have been here this weekend. We had ice and a beautiful snow. You know me…. I stayed INSIDE and watched out the sunroom windows. I do love the beauty, peace and quietness of it. But I do NOT get out to ride or play in it asI cannot afford to break another bone. That food you have talked about is making me sooooo hungry – it looks and sounds wonderful!.

  2. Sam Lortz

    Thanks for eating spots, would love your list of the 17 bbq places in Texas, one day we ate two lunches since the bbq spots were in the same town

  3. Sam Lortz

    Thanks for new eating spots to try. Would love your list of the 17 Texas bbq spots, one day we ate two lunches at bbq spots in the same town

    • Tricia, If you Google “top 17 Texas BBQ places” you will find the article. And I was wrong, Black’s is in Lockhart, Texas, not Austin. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  4. Susan

    Hi guys, we were esp. Interested in your visit to Jeff Davis’ home as this past Thanksgiving on our way to Norfolk we visited Hollywood Cemetary in Richmond Va. where he, his family and hundreds if not thousands of Confederate soldiers and officers are buried. A very unique spot. Also would have loved to join the road food trip. We loved bbque in Austin, but have never been to Miss. This spring I am going on an art trip to Ark. with some docent friends.
    Am thinking I should start to do some reading up on Spain!
    Our best, Susan and Michael

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