February 27th, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 2)

We spent a beautiful sunny morning exploring Poipu Beach (2nd and 3rd pictures) and admiring the beautiful flowers.  Poipu is on the southern part of the island – the dry part.  We felt at home when we saw the cactus near the beach.  Leslie continues to be fascinated with all the chickens, begging Don to get more pictures of how pretty they are.  We also stopped by Spouting Horn (11th picture) a blow hole in the volcanic rock that makes a sound like a dragon breathing.  We saw two humpback whales off in the distance, but too far away to get a picture.

In the afternoon, we took an open door helicopter ride.  It was really cool to have such a view of the island.  Very windy too.  Leslie felt better holding on to something inside the helicopter since there were no doors  We went very close to waterfalls, down canyons and in and out of clouds.  Luckily our pilot was very nice about explaining what he was going to do before he just dropped out of the sky to go through a canyon or got us very close to a waterfall, so close that when he turned the helicopter we went through our own wash so it was a bit bumpy.

Don was very brave, snapping pictures like crazy.  He had a good chance as the helicopter banked to his side a lot (which Leslie was very grateful for) when we made turns.  We flew over Mt. Wai’ale’ale, the wettest place on earth.  It gets an average of 452 inches of rain a year.  It rained on us and we went through some clouds and then all of a sudden we could see the Na Pali coast (pictures 20 – 25).  The next to the last picture is of the falls from the movie Jurassic Park.

IMG_0552  IMG_9576

IMG_9579  IMG_9584

IMG_9586  IMG_9604

IMG_9581  IMG_9588

IMG_0607  IMG_0643

IMG_0649  IMG_0653

IMG_0654  IMG_0880

IMG_0675  IMG_0726

IMG_0728  IMG_0743

IMG_0767  IMG_0788

IMG_0789  IMG_0834

IMG_0838  IMG_0794

IMG_0816  IMG_0753

IMG_9620  IMG_0891

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3 thoughts on “February 27th, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 2)

  1. Arlene

    Incredible pictures—well done.

  2. Judy

    Love, love, love these pictures and that you got to do the helicopter ride. I know you must be having the time of your lives. And…. that rooster and that hibiscus bloom looks just like mine…. love um!!

  3. William Patent

    Spectacular !!!

    Sent from my iPhone


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