February 29th, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 4)

We spent today at the south side of the island.  We went by the airport to a secret place that we learned about when we took the helicopter.  We were looking for turtles, but we were there at the wrong time.  Oh well, we just drank in the beautiful scenery (first 2 pictures).

We spent the afternoon at Mcbryde Gardens which serves as a research and conservation garden. It is home to the largest collection of native Hawaiian flora in the world.  We found out that only 10% of the plants on the island are native plants (meaning they were there before man came to the island).  Very few of them flower, so all of the plants that we think of as “Hawaiian” are actually transplanted from other countries.

The 5th picture shows a bread fruit, which is basically a starchy vegetable that grows on a tree.  It is very rich in nutrients and scientists have proven that bread fruit and water can keep people alive.  The National Tropical Botanical Garden (owners of Mcbryde Garden) believe bread fruit is the key to solving world hunger.   More than 80% of the world’s hungry live in tropical or sub-tropical regions.  These climates are perfect for the bread fruit tree and one breadfruit tree can feed a family of 4 for 50 – 60 years.  The NTBG works with other foundations and has sent over 65,000 trees to countries such as Haiti and Honduras.

The next to the last picture is the actual Spouting Horn (as opposed to the incorrectly identified picture from a previous blog).  We went there to get a good picture of it (when the light is right) and to watch the sun set.

IMG_9681  IMG_9682

IMG_9692  IMG_9695

IMG_9696  IMG_1036

IMG_9700  IMG_9707

IMG_9715  IMG_9687

IMG_9727  IMG_9717

IMG_9801  IMG_9840


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4 thoughts on “February 29th, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 4)

  1. Steve

    You’re making me homesick for Hawaii! I remember seeing blow holes on Oahu, too. Pretty cool. As for the secret location – – How could it be secret if someone told you about it?!

  2. Judy

    Sounds so adventurous and wonderful…. I love the flowers and the sunset.

  3. arlene wong

    Beautiful pictures Don. Glad you two are enjoying being in paradise. 🙂

  4. Barbara

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    Loved the flower pics and the sunset. thanks,


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