March 2nd, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 6)

We had lunch at Gaylord’s today, a restaurant located on Kilohana plantation (same place as the rum store).  The food was fantastic – we wish we had time to go back again.  Leslie decided she needed to look the part and put on her Hawaiian dress.  Our next goal was the boat for the sunset cruise, but we could not pass by the Kauai coffee place without getting Don another sample of the coconut caramel coffee.

We got a nice surprise when we got to the boat check in.  There are two dinner cruises, one with a buffet and one with steak and shrimp.  We had gone the buffet route due to its considerably lower price.  Too many people had cancelled off of the buffet boat, so the 6 of us that were left got a free upgrade to the fancy boat with the better meal.   Worked for us.  The boat ride was a lot of fun.  The dinner was delicious and we met a lot of nice people.  We got to see a part of Kauai that we did not see from the air and you cannot get to by car.  The sunset was beautiful.  We saw several humpback whales and 3 monk seals (none close enough for a picture) while sailing and two turtles in the harbor when we got back.

IMG_9880  IMG_9892

IMG_0011  IMG_9931

IMG_9941  IMG_9961

IMG_9965  IMG_9891

IMG_9984  IMG_9993

IMG_0015  IMG_9923

IMG_0064  IMG_0067

IMG_0092  IMG_0097


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3 thoughts on “March 2nd, 2016 – Kauai, Hawaii (Day 6)

  1. Barbara

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    You captured it all on this cruise. Landscape, whales, good food, etc. I’m so jealous.

    P.S. You looked awesome in your hawaiian dress.


  2. Carmie Cook

    Janet and I have totally enjoyed your Hawaiian vacation – thank You so much!

    Carmie & Janet

  3. Judy

    You two are sooooo blessed and especially you Don… to have gone on this trip with such a lovely and beautiful lady all dressed up in Hawaiian style. Beautiful waterfalls, beautiful scenes, Hawaiian sunsets and a wonderful cruise with delicious food and new friends. What more could you ask for? So glad you have had the privilege to go and enjoy.

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