April 21st to 24th – Kansas City, Missouri

We spent the weekend visiting our youngest son Matthew and his girlfriend Nora.  We had a great time.  They live very close to a park and we were able to take a walk everyday.  Our first day there we found some food trucks.  We had a delicious KC Bleu (which is a philly cheesesteak with blue cheese).  Also, Leslie found the 2nd best wedding cake cupcakes in the country (so far).  Grandma Campbell’s in Cleveland (our next stop) is still number 1.

We went to watch the Orioles play the Royals.  The home team won so that was good.  Plus we had some delicious nachos with Jack Stack (a local restaurant) brisket and cheese corn plus a whole lot of other yummy stuff on them.  Can you tell we had a food weekend?

Kansas City has something called Tapcade where you pay $5 and you can play all the arcade games that you want.  They also have 60 beers on tap.  It was so much fun to play Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and Mario Bros (to name a few).  Leslie got further than she ever has in House of the Dead 2.  It was great to be able to just hit the continue button and keep going.  She also bowled a 290 on the Simpsons bowling game.  Of course before we went, we had to have sustenance, so we went to Q39 for barbecue (what else do you eat when you are in Kansas City?).

We also got to do something that Leslie has wanted to do since she heard of it — go to one of those places that locks you in a room and you have to follow clues to break out.  It was a blast.  We were locked into a casino room.  We were not successful in getting out in a hour – it is very hard, but we were pretty close.  Leslie has already discovered there is one in Tucson.  We are definitely going when we get back.

The last few pictures were taken from, and of, the WW1 Memorial.  There is a fantastic view on the Kansas City skyline.  It was a wonderful long weekend.  In addition to all we did, we had some down time to just visit.  We also learned Rummikub and taught Matthew and Nora how to play Hand and Foot.  The camper is loaded with games we plan on giving away and now we may have to go buy Rummikiub.  It was a lot of fun.

IMG_0922  IMG_0923

IMG_2863  IMG_2840

IMG_2851    IMG_0787

IMG_0778  IMG_0781

IMG_0799  IMG_2870

IMG_0817  IMG_0837

IMG_0835  IMG_0827

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4 thoughts on “April 21st to 24th – Kansas City, Missouri

  1. laurelelynn@aol.com

    Hi! Sounds like you had a great time! I was born in Kansas City but we moved when I was 5 so did not have a lot of exposure to their awesome bbq. Sounds wonderful….maybe someday?! Safe travels to Cleveland. Hope Merlin is enjoying the ride! Congrats, Leslie on the bowling success! Take care
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    • Larry

      It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!! Iam glad you are enjoying son and girlfriend, they look like a very happy couple! Be safe and enjoy. Larry

  2. Barbara

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    Wow!! Do you sound like you are having a great time and eating your way through Kansas. I’m jealous!!

    We love Rummikuib too. We got hooked a few years ago.

    Be safe and have fun.


  3. Judy

    Sounds like you four are having a grand time in Kansas City. Good for you! Don’t think we have ever been there but from the sound of your blog it would be a great place to visit. I would love all that food you are telling us about. Matthew and Nora look wonderful. Matthew is still a handsome young man but changed a lot from the last time we saw him. All grown up now…. Leslie I will try to reply to your email soon – lots going on here as always.

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