May 12th & 13th, 2016 – Hilton Head – South Carolina

Our last two days at the beach were wonderful.  Don and Leslie took Merlin for early morning walks.  On the last day, Leslie rescued several star fish that the tide had left behind.   Not so the jelly fish as we were too late.  We took advantage of the kiddie pool at our condo.  Brandon gets the Dad of the Year award because he let Cash repeatedly dunk his head under in the kiddie pool (we all know what children do in kiddie pools).

Cash found his first girlfriend, Harper (6th picture).  They had a great time playing.  The 11th and 12th pictures show father and son with their favorite food (well drink in Brandon’s case).  Yes Brandon and Don managed to find breweries in nearby Bluffton.  They found a bubblegum flavored beer.  On Friday evening we had a beautiful sunset which was the finale to the beautiful weather we had while we were here.

IMG_1167  IMG_1154

IMG_1171  IMG_1128

IMG_1143  IMG_1194

IMG_1187  IMG_1175

IMG_1181  IMG_1214

IMG_1198  IMG_1209

IMG_1225  IMG_1231

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