May 26th – 30th – Christiansburg & Virginia Beach, Virginia

We went to Christiansburg to spend some time with our granddaughter Bella.  We had to wait a couple of days for her to get out of school.   Christiansburg has a fantastic aquatic center and we took her there after school.  The Virginia Tech swim team practices there.   They have a huge slide (probably 3 stories) that she was scared to go down.  Grandpa promised to be there to catch her so she went for it, screaming “Grandpa, get ready” the whole way down.  Of course once she did it, she did it over and over (each time screaming for Don to be ready).

We braved the Memorial Day traffic and crowds to take her to the beach for the weekend.  We camped at a happening campground – loads of kids, 3 pools, DJs and bands at the pool until 11 pm.  You will notice that Bella has a swimsuit on in all the pictures.  That is because she was constantly in some kind of water.  In between the beach, we went to the pool for hours.  There were kids there her age and she had a blast playing with them.  It was interesting watching the pre-teens and early teens flirt with each other.  What better place for that than a pool in the summer?

We also introduced her to the ocean.  Leslie does not like to go into the ocean.  As a matter of fact, she has not been in there since our kids were little, but you know you do anything for a grandchild.  The ocean was quite cold.  Bella would be brave for a bit and then when a big wave came, she would run to Grandma and hold on until it passed.  After a while though, Leslie took her out kind of deep and taught her to body surf.  She did a pretty good job for her first time.

Of course we had to have smores for energy.  Merlin was trying to help, but he did not get one.  The last picture is Princess Bella who sat in her sand throne while grandma and grandpa dug moats to keep the water from getting to her.  Of course we went shell hunting.  It is always fun to go to the beach with kids and see it through their eyes.


IMG_1739  IMG_1742

IMG_1775  IMG_1740

IMG_3234  IMG_1828

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2 thoughts on “May 26th – 30th – Christiansburg & Virginia Beach, Virginia

  1. Barbara

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    You and Don are great grandparents to brave the Memorial day traffic for the beach. My sister lives in Chesapeake, Va, but we never do the beach thing. It looks beautiful.

    Has the weather been great all the time. You look like you really hit it on this trip. Enjoy and keep safe.


  2. Larry

    You two sure know how to spoil a grandbaby! And it looks like Merlin is having a good time also! Looking forward to vacationing with you in July!!! Larry

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