June 23rd, 2016 – Minnesota Twins vs Philadelphia Phillies – Minneapolis, Minnesota

We have now visited 77% of the MLB parks.  We went to Target Field to see the Twins play the Phillies.  The field opened in 2010 and, in the same year, ESPN The Magazine ranked it as the #1 baseball stadium experience in North America.  Unfortunately for the home baseball teams on this trip, we have become a jinx.   The Twins lost 7 to 3.  Good thing this is our last game for a while.

One thing we have really enjoyed on this trip is seeing all the families that are camping everywhere we go.  The kids are not watching tv; they are hiking, riding bikes, playing with other kids.  The families sit around the fire at night and no one is staring at a cell phone.  It is heart warming and reminds us of when we took our kids camping.

Oops, almost forgot.   Was the baserunner safe or out, and who won the race between the characters in the last picture?  We worked hard to get the pictures at first base.  Don would focus on first base, and Leslie watched the pitcher and said “Going to first” whenever the pitcher was trying to pick the runner off or “Nope” when he threw to home.  Teamwork!

IMG_2879  IMG_2891

IMG_2843  IMG_2861

IMG_2855  IMG_2875

IMG_2884  IMG_2874

IMG_2875  IMG_2877

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4 thoughts on “June 23rd, 2016 – Minnesota Twins vs Philadelphia Phillies – Minneapolis, Minnesota

  1. Judy

    Love your blogs – especially the big buildings and the part about the kids out playing and not staring at the cell phones. I’ve asked our kids to leave those ‘things’ at home when they visit with us but it didn’t work :(. I’m so glad I don’t own one!! Life is so different these days. Even though ballgames are not my thing either the stadium is beautiful – I did enjoy looking at it and the city behind. Don and I went to the Lakeside Furman Concert last night (that was held INSIDE the auditorium.) The Concert Band played a number of songs including some from Porgy and Bess and we were also treated with a Piano Solo ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by one of the music professors and the band. It was all great and ‘cool’ since it was near 100 degrees here yesterday. Where to next? Have fun wherever it is….. love to you both.

  2. Barbara

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    We’re back and catching up on things here. Can’t figure how you caught the third base play. Amazing!! Glad that you are enjoying your trip.


  3. Steve

    I think the runner in this case is out. I don’t think he was able to tag the bag before the third baseman touched him with his golve.
    That bear leslie is sitting on looks a little lioke the old Hamms Bear. Hamms was a very popular bear back in the 60’s and 70’s. Put a number of them away myself! And the bear was their face to the public. Funny commercials. Kinda like the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote.
    Don’t forget to get a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox when you go through Bemidji. Spent many a summer up there at my uncle’s and aunt’s resort, the Blue Ox Resort. Best resort on Lake Bemidji. Cathy and I were married in Bemidji. Ahhh, memories!

    • Steve,

      Alas we received this message too late to stop at the places you mentioned. Can’t believe we missed where you two were married! I think we did see the Paul Bunyon.

      Hope you have a great day.


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