July 10th, 2016 – Brulé – Hill City, South Dakota

Sharon and Leslie spent a wonderful evening feeding their souls at Brulé.  The Brulé band was started by Paul LaRoche, a Dakota Indian that was adopted at birth by a white couple.  Hi Indian heritage was kept secret from him.  After his adoptive parents died, he discovered his heritage and was reunited with his Indian family.  Already a musician, the effect on his music career was monumental. Armed with the new knowledge of his heritage, Paul re-entered the world of music in the relatively new genre of contemporary Native American music.  Mixing the traditional sounds of Native America with the music he grew up with, rock, pop, jazz and everywhere in between, Paul cut his first CD, We The People, and Brulé was born. The Brulé show is in its 20th year and it is a family affair – his daughter plays the flute, his son plays the guitar and his granddaughters dance.  The show was amazing!

IMG_3856  IMG_3888

IMG_3891  IMG_3878

IMG_3925  IMG_3985

IMG_4005  IMG_4060

IMG_3879  IMG_3877


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One thought on “July 10th, 2016 – Brulé – Hill City, South Dakota

  1. Judy

    Sounds VERY interesting. I think I would have enjoyed this… Don and I saw Oklahoma Sunday afternoon at the Pelzer Theater. It was WONDERFUL (even though we had seen it several times before.)

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