November 5th, 2016 – Merida – Spain

Merida was founded about 25 BC by the Romans.   We got extremely lucky, as it was raining in the morning, and despite what the weather forecast said, it cleared up for us to be able to tour the Roman ruins (first 11 pictures).  We toured the remains of an amphitheater that was completed in 8 BC.  Right next door was the remains of a Roman theatre that remained buried until the early 1900s and was not fully excavated until the 1970s.  Bill went up on stage and treated us to some Shakespeare and showed us how an actor projects his voice – pretty impressive.

After lunch, Bill and Linda went to the Roman museum and Don and Leslie walked to see the Puente Roman bridge over the Guardian River (15th picture).  It is the longest of all existing Roman bridges and is still being used as a pedestrian bridge.  When Don and Leslie returned from the walk, there were 15 minutes left before we had to meet the group, so Leslie went into the Roman museum and did a 13 minute sprint around the 3 floors (last three pictures).

img_4892  img_4899

img_4918  img_4890

img_4919  img_4922

img_4920  img_4755

img_4910  img_4925

img_4937  img_4945

img_4946  img_4758

img_4949  img_4765

img_4766  img_4956

img_4970  img_4960



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2 thoughts on “November 5th, 2016 – Merida – Spain

  1. Barbara

    Leslie and Don,

    As always, we enjoy looking at your pics and traveling with you. Have a wonderful time.


  2. Steve

    Amazing how well preserved the ruins are. Now . . . Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian? In the second to last picture, whose image was obliterated from the fresco? (Probably has something to do with politics even way back then!)

    Did you get a pic of Bill orating on stage? I’ll be looking forward to seeing it!

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