February 8th, 2017 – Catalina State Park – Tucson, Arizona

Winter has finally come.  At least the one that we know and love.  After a rainy, cold January we are having beautiful sunny days with temperatures in the low 70s.  We decided to take Merlin for his first Arizona hike.  Catalina State Park is very close to our house and it has great hiking trails.  Merlin was so excited that he ran ahead with Leslie while Don took pictures.  Leslie had almost 900 extra steps on her Fitbit because of going ahead and then coming back for Don.

Due to the snow melt from the Catalinas, we had to cross several washes that had small streams.  The first time Leslie took off her socks and shoes and carried Merlin across.  After that, the two of them just walked right through the rest of them.  Merlin thought it was great and wanted to go back and forth in the water.

We were so invigorated by the hike and then we totally undid the benefit – cookies from Panera and In and Out burgers for lunch.  Oh well, hopefully we did not undo all of it.

img_6268  img_6285

img_6277  img_6271

img_6292  img_6316

img_6303  img_6295

img_6322  img_6323

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3 thoughts on “February 8th, 2017 – Catalina State Park – Tucson, Arizona

  1. Barbara

    Great pics. Glad that you had a nice time. Hope you bought a burger for Merlin.


  2. Judy

    Interesting pictures… especially that fourth one. I used to love hiking – about all the hiking I can do now is around the circle a few times but I still do that almost daily. It was cold here today with sun and is suppose to get to 26 tonight. Then back up to the 70’s for the week end… crazy. It’s been up and down constantly. As as you already know I can’t wait until spring gets here and the warm weather stays.

  3. Bonnie Dogan

    Good to here from you all continue to enjoy in 2017

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