February 16th, 2017 – Death Valley National Park – California

Our last hike in the park was Golden Canyon.  It was a beautiful walk up a wash with many little side canyons to explore.  We needed bread crumbs to leave behind us to make sure we did not get lost in all the twists and turns of the side canyons so we only went so far.  Next time we will come prepared to stay longer and explore all the beautiful side canyons.  The 5th picture shows the Red Cathedral.  We will definitely be back to the park as there is so much beauty left for us to explore.

img_6936  img_6944

img_6945  img_6967

img_6959  img_6969

img_6974  img_6822

img_6978  img_6976

img_6993  img_6982

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One thought on “February 16th, 2017 – Death Valley National Park – California

  1. Judy

    The scenes are so pretty – I just can’t imagine seeing all that beauty with my bare eyes. Is there anything out there that could eat the bread crumbs and then you would never find your way out?? That is a little scary to think about! Where to next? Home or some other exotic place?

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