March 13th, 2017 – Picacho Peak State Park – Tucson, Arizona

Well, we bought a new RV and had to take it somewhere to test everything.  We went to nearby Picacho Peak State Park for a one night trip.   We had no idea there was so much history here.  The unique shape of the 1,500-foot Picacho Peak has been used as a landmark by travelers since prehistoric times. One of the first recordings was in the 1700’s by the Anza Expedition as it passed through the area.

In 1848, the Mormon Battalion constructed a wagon road through Picacho Pass. The forty-niners on their way to California used this road.  In the late 1850’s the Butterfield Overland Stage was carrying passengers through this area. Picacho Peak’s most noted historic event occurred on April 15, 1862, when Confederate and Union scouting parties met in the Battle of Picacho Pass during the Civil War. This was the largest Civil War clash to take place in Arizona.

We did not get to stay long enough, so we will have to go back, but we are happy to report that everything was working on the RV.





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3 thoughts on “March 13th, 2017 – Picacho Peak State Park – Tucson, Arizona

  1. Joan Davoli

    Love your photos. Especially the cowboys. What fun that must have been!! We’re buried in snow on the East Coast. Going to take awhile to melt. Lucille and I went to Vietnam and Cambodia. We really enjoyed it . Nice to hear from you both again!

  2. Barbara


    Loved seeing pictures of your RV. It’s really nice. We almost bought that model last because we loved how opened it was and the twin beds.

    I will get your seat back to you next week. I’m not sure if I will be in on Monday, but will work something out with you.

    Thanks again,

  3. cjrinsunnyazgmailcom

    Do NOT tell me you got a bigger/better RV just so Merlin has more room to roam. I see he found his favorite, comfy sight-seeing spot on the couch by the window. How cute!

    Thanks for the history lesson on Picacho Peak. I’ve never had the chance to stop and now I’ll definitely have to do that. It is gorgeous in the Spring.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, once I figure-out how to print your e-mails, I’m going to start my own collection of your many travels and great pix — it’s almost like being there. THANKS.

    I’m missing you two and especially that little guy who I could just eat-up.

    Keep on trucking and drive safely.


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