April 17th, 2017 – Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting – Arizona

Another good breakfast of hash browns, bacon and eggs made to order and back on the river.  The last day on the river provided more outstanding views.   Again, great transportation provided by the tour group – instead of drifting to Lake Meade for six to seven hours, a speed boat took them in 45 minutes.  Once off the boat, they took a bus back to Las Vegas, where they got a real shower versus those quick baths in the Colorado River.  Then another late night for Leslie, as she had to pick them up at the Tucson airport.  Don says, that Western River Expeditions is the only way to raft the Grand Canyon.






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2 thoughts on “April 17th, 2017 – Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting – Arizona

  1. Celerie White

    awesome pics!

  2. Don and Judy

    What an amazing trip!! Thanks for letting us go along from my seat here in front of the computer… loved every minute of it. I know we will never get to do what you did but it brought back great memories of when we rafted down the Snake River a few years ago (I’m still having a hard time believing we actually did that)! And too we were privileged to see that river winding through the Grand Canyon on several occasions and that helped make your blogs even more special. So glad you two got to share such a great trip together.

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