June 4th, 2017 – Washington DC

We had our first day in Washington DC with our two oldest granddaughters.  We did a lot of walking – 5 miles which is evidently more walking than the two of them have ever done in a day (at least based on their complaining).  We kept them going with food, Gatorade and ice cream at opportune times.  We were able to see Fords’ Theater, the White House, and several of the monuments.  We actually got to see the son of one of our friends who is a sniper on the White House.  We waved, but surprisingly he did not wave back – guess he was busy being watchful.  They had a great time and enjoyed seeing all of the things that they have heard about in school and Don had a great time taking pictures.  Tomorrow we have to get him on the other side of the camera.







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3 thoughts on “June 4th, 2017 – Washington DC

  1. Barbara


    Cute kids. Enjoy your trip. We miss you.


  2. Steve

    Good pix. Looks like the ladies are enjoying themselves!
    I’d like to get back to DC. It’s a place that you could spend weeks exploring and still not see it all. My first time there was the week before July 4. Hot and humid as all get out. I took the Metro from Crystal City to the Archives station and then I walked to the Capitol; down the mall past the Smithsonian, then on past the Washington Monument to the White House; then back to the mall and on to the Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial and from there across the Potomac to the Arlington Cemetery station.. I drove in the next night and went to the Jefferson Memorial just in time to be there when they turned off the lights! From there I went back to the Vietnam Memorial. It was after midnight, and there were still people there. Kind of surreal. I went back to The Wall one more time and made rubbings of the names a few of my friends from my infantry company plus a good friend from high school. Very moving. I will make it back to DC once more. This time with Cathy. She was there on a high school trip back in 1967 (?) and would really like to go back. I need to talk with my travel agent Don!!

  3. cjrinsunnyazgmailcom

    Washington, D.C. — WOW! Can you believe this is one place I never got to go to. I think my familoy went after I had already moved out of the house and couldn’t afford it. Some day I hope to spend a few weeks there. You’re not supposed to wear-out your company on the FIRST day. Once, we took three little kids and their parents to the Cleveland Zoo. ALL the adults needed a nap when we finally got home. Tell Don I love the pictures – as usual – especially the snipers (good eye). Enjoy the rest of your time with the granddaughters.

    Love, Carol

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